Foster Adoption

Foster-Child Adoption

In 2019 Missouri had approximately 20,000 children in its custody. While the majority of these children are on the path to being reunified with their parents, many will remain in foster care for years without reunification in sight.

Often, children in foster care build special bonds with their foster parents, and the foster parents may seek to adopt these children into their families.

The process of adopting a foster child can be complex to navigate and that is where we can help. The attorneys at LMB are passionate about helping these children find permanent homes to grow and thrive in.

The Law Offices of Mary Beck provides all the necessary legal services for a foster-child adoption, including:
  • Educating clients on the entire legal process
  • Facilitating psychosocial counseling
  • Obtaining prenatal and vital records, including original and amended birth certificates
  • Serving as your liaison and communicating with the various agencies involved, i.e. Children’s Division and Juvenile Office.
  • Resolving birth parents’ parental rights
  • Applications for an adoption subsidy if available

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