About The Law Offices of Mary Beck

Mary Beck received a Master’s in Nursing from St. Louis University in 1971 and a law degree from the University of Missouri in 1988. She has been practicing adoption and assisted reproduction law for more than two decades. Joanna Beck joined her mother at The Law Offices of Mary Beck in 2009. Today, Mary and Joanna work together to help create families legally and ethically.

Welcome to The Law Offices of Mary Beck

For more than two decades, hundreds of prospective adoptive families and pregnant women of Missouri have trusted The Law Offices of Mary Beck to legally achieve their adoption and surrogacy goals.

The Law Offices of Mary Beck was founded by Mary Beck in 1989, a former family nurse practitioner turned adoption attorney who understands that completing an adoption doesn’t just require legal work – it also requires achieving emotional harmony within both parties.

Mary’s daughter, Joanna, later joined the practice, and together they provide adoption legal services for newborn adoptions, foster care adoptions, step-parent adoptions, intercountry adoptions, and many other types of adoption. In 2000, The Law Offices of Mary Beck began practicing surrogacy law, which now accounts for almost 30 percent of their casework.

Regardless of whether you are interested in growing your family through adoption or surrogacy, or if you are interested in placing your child for adoption or becoming a gestational carrier, The Law Offices of Mary Beck can perform all of the necessary legal services required for each situation, and much more.

Contact Mary and Joanna Beck today to learn more about what they can do for your family.

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